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Savings Why save with Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union Ltd.?

Members come together in a Credit Union for two main reasons:

  • to set up a means whereby they can save with security on a regular basis.
  • to provide loans to members from this fund of savings.

Without savings the Credit Union cannot function. Regular Saving is a key element of good financial planning. The Credit Union encourages the habit of regular saving as it gives the member financial security and provides a financial cushion when the unexpected need arises. Shares held in a Share Account can be withdrawn or pledged as security for a loan, while funds held in a One Year Term Deposit Account can be pledged as security for a loan.


  • Your savings provide you with financial independence.
  • Entitles you to apply for a loan when the need arises.
  • Easy ''on demand'' withdrawal of savings (once not pledged against a loan).
  • Deduction at source facility for teaching and retired teacher members.
  • Comhar Linn provides free Life Savings Insurance on savings up to a maximum of €13,000 for eligible members.
  • Your savings are eligible for a Dividend
  • Your savings up to €100,000.00 are guaranteed under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.
  • There are no transaction charges or fees.

Saving on a regular basis will very quickly accumulate into a substantial nest egg. For example, if each fortnight you save:

Savings Amount: €25.00 €50.00
Savings after 3 years €1,950 €3,900
Savings after 4 years €2,600 €5,200
Savings after 5 years €3,250 €6,500

Note: This table does not include return on savings (Dividends) which would increase the totals

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Serving the financial needs of INTO and RTAI members and their families.
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Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Reg no: 393CU