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Budget Account

Using the credit union Budget Account service is a stress free way for members to manage their household bills. You spread the cost of bills evenly over the year and remove the burden of having a large expenditure in a particular month. You will no longer have to remember to pay your bills.

A Budget Account allows the member to pay all their annual household bills through one account, i.e Mortgage, Electricity, Telephone, House Insurance, Car Tax, Car Insurance, etc. When the total annual amount is agreed, a regular fortnightly deduction from salary is calculated. This amount is credited fortnightly to your Budget Account. No more final notices as we pay your bills in full and on time.

How does it work?
Members operating an active credit union account and in good standing shall be eligible to open a Budget Account. You decide which regular bills you want to include in the Budget Plan. Next, you estimate how much each bill will be over the twelve-month period, total all of them up, add 5% contingency and the yearly fee. Members should be well advised to over-budget a little in case of emergencies and increases in the cost of some of these bills. Divide the total amount by 26. At least two fortnightly deductions must be received before any bills are paid. Your bills can be paid by direct debit, cheque or you can have the payment transferred to your bank account. Only items budgeted for will be paid. You will be requested to review your budget account annually.

Contact us by clicking on the Contact tab above or telephone (1850 277 377) if you would like more information on the Budget Account or to request an Application Form.

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